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Customer loyalty programs can increase customer loyalty and retention, improve customer lifetime value, and increase sales.

Loyalty programs can also alleviate the pressure of customer acquisition goals and allow companies to view customer acquisition as a growth channel rather than exceeding revenue goals. After CX teams create their programs, they need to develop an enrollment strategy. Sign-up incentives, social media and Gamified mobile apps can help brands market their loyalty programs and attract new members.

1. Encourage employees to promote the program

Businesses can encourage their biggest brand ambassadors—their employees—to promote loyalty programs. Employees have their own personal networks of friends and family to tell about a new program, but they can also promote the loyalty program in their daily conversations with customers.

For example, when customer success teams onboard new customers, they can share information about the loyalty program and its benefits. Also, sales reps can promote the program before or after the sale to attract the customer.

2. Promote the program to existing customers

Marketing teams should promote loyalty programs to their company’s existing customer base. This target group is already interacting with the company and, as satisfied customers, represent the best candidates for the market.

Marketers can email program announcements, benefits, and offers to encourage customers to sign up. In addition, employees such as sales representatives can email customers with whom they have relationships through the program, as customers often reply personalized emails more than general messages.

3. Offer sign-up incentives

Just as businesses use loyalty programs to incentivize frequent purchases, they should offer discounts, coupons, and other rewards to incentivize the signup process. The same incentives that encourage frequent purchases can encourage participation in the program.

Loyalty programs also collect customer information, such as demographics and purchasing behavior, which can help advertisers personalize future promotions.

Businesses can use social media, mobile apps, and referral incentives to market their loyalty programs.

4. Use existing marketing resources to drive awareness

Marketing teams can use their existing resources—such as print materials, email, landing pages, and company websites Promotion of loyalty programs on different channels. For example, pop-up ads on websites and links in signature lines can educate customers about such programs. Marketing teams can use these resources to mention the program, how it works, and how customers can participate.

5. Use social media to drive engagement

Social media gives marketing teams access to a broad audience that includes potential, existing, and loyal customers. A loyalty program can encourage potential customers on social media to make a first purchase, especially if companies offer an incentive to sign up with a discount.

Social media marketing teams can do this too Use social media to market Loyalty programs for existing customers, as loyal customers often follow their favorite brands to find out about new products and updates.

6. Use mobile apps to drive engagement

Mobile apps can help marketing teams promote their loyalty programs because they can increase customer loyalty. For example, mobile apps allow marketers to send push notifications to all users about new offers. Apps also allow customers to track and track loyalty points from their phones Increase CX with gamification.

to Gamify a loyalty program, a mobile app UI can show how many loyalty points customers have earned and how many more they need to reach their next rewards. These ads help people feel a sense of accomplishment when approaching exclusive offers, which can improve engagement.

7. Encourage customers to refer others

CX teams should reward customers for signing up for the loyalty program and making frequent purchases, but they should also encourage them to refer friends and family. Loyalty members are a great referral channel because consumers trust people they know more than marketers.

Also, marketing teams can gamify the mobile app recommendation process Increase customer retention and reward customers for referring new members.

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