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The business mogul and founder of the Virgin Group teaches members how to change
turn their wild ideas into solid business ventures – and have fun doing it

SAN FRANCISCO, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MasterClass, the streaming platform where everyone can learn from the world’s best on a variety of topics, announced today Richard Branson will be teaching a class on disruptive entrepreneurship. As one of the world’s most prominent business leaders, Branson will provide members with invaluable insights into harnessing the Adventurer Mindset and how to lead with purpose, care for their employees and place an emphasis on entertaining both customers and the world at large to thrive . Branson’s class is now available exclusively on MasterClass, where annual membership subscribers get unlimited access to all 150+ teachers.

“Richard has disrupted every industry he’s touched,” he said David Roger, Founder and CEO of MasterClass. “In his course, Richard teaches his approach to building a company and breaking with old patterns. It will change members’ perspectives and inspire them to achieve their greatest dreams.”

Through honest reflection and humorous storytelling, Branson will authentically share the inspirations that motivated him, the failures from which he grew, and the philosophy that guides him – while outlining tangible key insights that members can apply to their own endeavours . He will speak about his purpose, teachings from pioneers and disruptors, how to compete against industry giants and when to take business risks to build your personal brand. Branson also shares what it means to listen carefully and gives an exclusive look at his notebooks – the organizational foundation of how he keeps his businesses running high.

“All my life I have been drawn to the impossible business ventures that pique my curiosity,” said Branson. “However, I’ve learned that reaching for the stars requires a bold and disruptive mindset, and I’m excited to share my personal and professional experiences to lead the next generation of innovators who want to change the world.”

Richard Branson is the founder of The Virgin Group – a British multinational venture capital conglomerate that owns more than 400 subsidiaries in the entertainment, retail, travel, hospitality, mobile communications, banking, sports and aerospace sectors. At 16, Branson started his first business – a magazine called University student. In 1970 he started Virgin as a mail-order record company before founding Virgin Records, which went on to sign household names from the Sex Pistols to the Rolling Stones. Branson’s Virgin brand grew rapidly in the 1980s as he founded the Virgin Atlantic airline and expanded the music label Virgin Records. In 1997 he founded the Virgin Rail Group. He paved the way for space tourism in 2004, founded the space company Virgin Galactic and founded the small satellite launch service Virgin Orbit in 2017. Branson is passionate about finding ways to drive positive change in the world. For his “services to entrepreneurship” Branson was knighted at Buckingham Palace March 2000. And in 2004 he founded Virgin Unite, the Virgin Group’s charitable foundation that unites people and business ideas to create opportunities for a better world.

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