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Not many mobile applications available worldwide find their way to their potential customers or even the Play Store and App Store. There are various reasons why mobile apps fail, and most of them happen because of not knowing the right development and design process. While it may seem like an easy task, small mistakes in mobile app development and design can ruin your chances of dominating the Play Store.

Various mobile app development companies compromise the quality of the development process or don’t deal with the customers thoroughly because they don’t know the development process well. All these loopholes damage the reputation of the mobile app and also make the mobile app invisible to the target audience. That is the main reason why people all over the world trust only the best app development companies.

Top app development companies in Los Angeles deliver exceptional results while staying transparent with their customers. Since finding out the best app development companies is a bit crucial, the team at has compiled a list of the most trusted app developers in Los Angeles 2022. The team has manually reviewed every detail of the listed companies including team strength, skills, experience, expertise, location and various other company details.

Top 10 Most Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in Los Angeles 2022

1. Hyperlink InfoSystem

As one of the leading app development companies, Hyperlink InfoSystem has been offering various web and app development services since 2011. Their team of 750+ people are experts in various industries such as Metaverse, NFT, Game Development, Salesforce Solution, Blockchain Development and many more. The company has already deployed 4000+ mobile apps, 2000+ websites, 100+ IoT solutions, 120+ gaming solutions, 80+ Salesforce solutions, 40+ data analytics and many more solutions to its 2500+ global customers.

2. Wonderman Thompson

In an ever-changing, complex and uncertain world with rising consumer expectations and disruptive technologies, brands need to move at the speed of culture when meeting the growth challenge. Wunderman Thompson is a growth partner – part creative agency, part consulting and part technology company, their experts provide inspiration for the entire brand and customer experience.

3. Wincit

Vincit is a team of world-class talent, united by a passion to reshape digital. A no-frills, hype-free zone. An agency that delivers digital and commercial excellence in seamless customer experiences. A manufacturer of satisfied customers. You know technology is an effective tool, but without human touch it will never reach its full potential.

4th STRV

STRV is a software design and engineering team. Here, since 2004, they have delivered solutions to partners ranging from startups to enterprises, including ClassDojo, Microsoft, Barry’s, Barnes & Noble, The Athletic, Autodesk and more. Her vision has always been simple and honest. Most of their 190+ experts are based in their award-winning Prague office. They also have a customer facing team in Los Angeles.

5. AE Studio

AE is a software development, data science and design agency. This part is common. The rest is exceptional. Founded in 2016, AE has made its way to more than 150 people working to empower human agency through technology. No venture capital. No private equity. No outside shareholders. This enables a long-term perspective for customers and employees, leading to an unparalleled partnership mindset and creativity.

6. Q Agency

Q is an award-winning software development and design agency from Croatia with offices in Switzerland, UK and USA. They cover a full 360° product lifecycle, from business idea to end product, by offering a wide range of IT services. They’ve helped over 200 clients achieve their goals, including Fortune 500 companies and the leading technology startups.

7. Saritasa

Saritasa aims to empower businesses with innovative, tailored solutions that meet their needs and support an ever-evolving technology ecosystem. Saritasa offers full-service custom software development with solid experience in mobile, web, virtual and augmented reality, system architecture and IoT solutions. Saritasa efficiently implements design, development and integration of complex technologies.

8. Left field labs

Left Field Labs is a company founded with the understanding that technology is propelling humanity into a new era of art, culture and commerce. They approach our work not just to achieve a business goal, but to bring technology more in line with human experience. Its mission is to positively influence those who interact with the projects they design and build.

9. Anderson

Andersen is a company of more than 2700 developers, QA engineers, business analysts and other software development professionals. They have been in the market for over a decade and today they represent a large and mature organization that meets the highest standards and distinguishes itself as a progressive and reliable company.

10. HData Systems

HData Systems is a business analytics company that offers various data analytics solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, data warehouse, IoT analytics and many more that help companies to streamline their organizational hierarchy. Their team of experts delivers exceptional results for the company and helps them formulate their business strategies to make informed decisions.

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