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Wi-Fi calling is a useful feature to make a call when your carrier’s signal is weak or dropped. However, if your Wi-Fi is not working, this feature may not work. Or suppose your carrier doesn’t support this feature, it won’t work on your device.

Additionally, if your carrier supports this feature but can’t use it, there are a few things you can do to make it work on your iPhone. This article shows how to troubleshoot and fix to start making Wi-Fi calls.

Why aren’t your Wi-Fi calls working on iPhone?

Here are some of the most common reasons that can lead to such problem:

  • Your device does not support these functions.
  • The WiFi connection does not work.
  • Your carrier has not upgraded to the Wi-Fi calling feature.
  • The device runs on the older iOS versions.

How to Fix Wifi Calling Not Working on iPhone?

This feature is supported on iPhone 6 and later. Therefore, we assume that you access this function from these devices. Now, let’s move to the fixes to solve the problem of wifi calling not working.

Check network support

The first thing you need to check is whether your carrier supports Wi-Fi calling or not. So if you’re using a carrier or live in a region that doesn’t support this feature, it won’t work.

To verify, you can simply search the web or contact your carrier directly to confirm this feature. If your carrier supports this feature but you still can’t access it from your device, you can continue to other troubleshooting below.

Check your internet connection

Another thing to check is your Wi-Fi connection. WiFi calling requires a stable internet connection to use this feature. If you’re connected to a WiFi network that doesn’t have an internet connection, you may not be able to call anyone over WiFi. To check your Wi-Fi connection, you can run some internet apps or use internet speed tester to check your Wi-Fi speed.

You can also turn on Airplane mode to disconnect your device from all connections. Not only that, if your Wi-Fi is not working well, you can turn off the router, and turning it back can also solve the connection problem.

Turn Wi-Fi calling off and on

If the device supports Wi-Fi calling but you haven’t enabled it on your device, it won’t work. If you already have this feature enabled and it suddenly stops working, you can turn this feature off and back on to make it work normally again.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Scroll down and click phone.
  3. Tap on WiFi calls.
  4. Turn those on Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone.
  5. Once you turn on, you need to click on Enable confirm.
    Click Activate to confirm

Disable LTE

If you have LTE activated, this can hinder the function. Disabling LTE is good as it can force your device to use Wi-Fi calling instead of LTE. Therefore, disable it and see if it can work for your device.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to cellular.Go to Cellular
  3. Tap on Cellular Data Options.
  4. Tap on Activate LTE. Then select Out of.

Look for carrier update

You should keep an eye on the update provided by your carrier as it improves cellular connectivity and may also enable Wi-Fi calling feature via the Over the Air (OTA) update. So, you should check for such updates to fix problems related to your network connection.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to General.
    Go to General
  3. Click on Around.
  4. Wait a few seconds and you will get the update menu if it is available.
  5. Once you get the menu, tap To update. Tap Update

Reinsert the SIM card

Although the Wi-Fi calling feature uses an internet connection to work, a SIM card is still required to verify your number with the carrier to use the feature. So if your Wi-Fi calls aren’t working, you can simply take out the SIM card and reinsert it to fix the problem. Doing so will force your device to disconnect and reconnect to the carrier network.

Restart your device

You may consider restarting your device if you cannot access this feature. However, make sure you have all WiFi calling settings enabled and that your device and carrier support it. Rebooting the device can fix most device issues, including not working WiFi calls if the interference on your device is preventing its features from working properly.

Here are the steps:

  1. Press and quickly release the volume up button and do the same for the volume down button. Now hold the side button until the screen goes off. It usually takes 30-40 seconds for iPhone to turn off in this mode. force-restart-iphone
  2. Once the screen is off, you need to hold down the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Reset network settings

This is another option that you should try to fix the problem related to your network. Specifically, resetting these settings will reset the network settings to the default settings. If the network glitches are causing the Wi-Fi calling to not work properly, a reset would be a good choice. Resetting network settings will only remove the internet and network related connections. None of your personal information will be removed.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Scroll down and click Transfer or reset iPhone.
    Click Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Beat Reset to default.
  5. blow Reset network settings.Click Reset Network Settings
  6. You need to enter the passcode of the iPhone.
  7. Then you need to click Reset network settings to confirm.

Update your device

Your iPhone must have iOS 9 or later to support Wi-Fi calling. So if you use a lower version, it won’t work on your device. If you are using the latest version of iOS and still cannot use this feature, you should wait for a new update so that all the bugs that are causing it to work can be fixed in the upcoming update.

Also, you need to download the latest update if your iPhone already has a new update recommendation.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Click on software update.
  4. Tap on Download and install.
    Tap Download and Install
  5. You need to enter the passcode of the iPhone.
  6. Once you enter the passcode, your update will begin shortly.

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