iPhone 14 Pro vs Google Pixel 7 Pro: Which flagship phone could win? – Tom’s guide | Hot Mobile Press

A showdown between iPhone 14 Pro and Google Pixel 7 Pro won’t happen for several months, but it’s already a match we’re looking forward to. Apple and Google typically make the best cameras you can buy, so any comparison between their flagships is often a hotly contested one. (Just check out the Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max comparison to see how the current phones stack up.)

Neither phone has been officially unannounced, but enough details have been leaked to give us a sense of how this smartphone fight will play out. The iPhone 14 Pro, for example, will make some notable hardware changes – so much so that the revised display, cameras and chipset could make Apple’s phone more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro it replaces.

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