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My 9 year old Okidata color laser printer squirts pale pink ink onto my documents leaving a black stripe down each page. Should I dispose of it or have it repaired?

Okidata’s technician said the drum was broken caused by the cheap toner I bought.

I’ve been buying fake toners from Amazon since I found out that a full set of certified Okidata cartridges cost over $400. But these cartridges can print 6,500 magazine quality pages, perfect for my greeting cards. In my experience, the cheap toners don’t last and have a lousy color. For example, in December I spent $55 on a set of EasyPrint. Six months later, one of the four cartridges clogged. I had only printed about 70 pages.

Before I had my laser printer repaired, I did the math: $400 for new toner plus $139 for a new drum. Eek. Time to think about an inkjet printer. The Epson Ecotank, dubbed the ET-2803 All-in-One, was on sale at Target for $229, so I grabbed one. It’s called “Ecotank” because you fill the tank with bottles of ink, saving 90% of what you would normally spend on ink cartridges. I’ve read about it for years but never realized how effortless the refilling process is. Insert a 5 inch long bottle, hear it gurgling, remove and close the connection. The ink that the printer comes with is the real deal, not a starter pack. This equates to approximately 90 individual inks. That’s enough to print 4,500 pages in black and white and 7,500 pages in colour. Replacing the entire set costs $56. I will never use imitations again.

Not only is the print quality of the Ecotank excellent, it also includes a scanner/copier. Best of all, I’m going to keep all those used cartridges out of landfills.


One reader wrote, “My iPad is giving me trouble and won’t scroll properly.” He thought he needed a new pen, but that didn’t solve anything.

“It seems that the screen actually wears out over time,” he said. It was a second-generation iPad, a 9.7-inch tablet with LTE that came out in 2017 for $799. “It was a huge waste of money,” he concluded. But he liked his size.

Instead of buying this year’s $1200 iPad Pro, he turned to Facebook Marketplace and got a slightly used second-gen iPad Pro and stylus for $350. Works great, he says.


Amazon takes action against fake reviews. More than 12,000 employees worldwide are working on the problem. In the last two years they have removed 10,000 Facebook groups dedicated to counterfeiters.

With fake Amazon reviews also appearing on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, Amazon has removed more than 200 million fake reviews since 2020. According to, Amazon has also removed hundreds of sellers from, including popular brands like RavPower and Aukey.


I’m using Google Docs, a free alternative to Microsoft Word, to edit a Korean novella, so I’ve added some Asian names to my “personal dictionary”. To do this yourself, click the three vertical dots next to a red underlined word and select “Add to Personal Dictionary”.

Want to be fancy with fonts? Look at the top of your Google Docs window where you see the word “Arial” and click the drop-down arrow next to it. Now select “More Fonts”.


I much prefer typing on a big keyboard to texting on my phone. To set it up for an Android phone, go to in Chrome or another browser. Click News for the Web. Then go to your Android phone, open the Messages app home screen and tap the three vertical dots in the top right. Now tap on “Device pairing” and then on “QR code scanner” and point your phone at the large QR code that will appear on your computer screen. Voila! Now you can answer text on your computer with its big keyboard.


Later this year, Chromebook owners will get a new movie-making tool. After they receive it, it will be rolled out to other devices.

In the meantime, you might want to try Google Photos. It has a tool to automatically create a slideshow. To use it on a computer, go to and click Utilities. Now select “Movie” and choose a theme. There are “meow movies”, “selfie movies”, https: //”love story”, /aug /06/inkjet-saves-money-after-cheap-toner-ruins-laser/”they grow up so fast” and other topics. To start over, click Utilities, then click Make Movie.

The automatic slideshow feature also works on iPhones and Android. If you have an iPhone, first install Google Photos from the App Store. When you’re ready, tap on the Google Photos app and sign in to your Google account if you haven’t already. Next, in the Photos app, tap Library, then Utilities, then Create New. Choose a template or design from scratch.


• “Saudi Arabia plans to build a massive skyscraper that will stretch 75 miles and house five million people.” Search for this sentence to read it in ZMEScience.

• is the website of a designer who creates 3D plants that magically react to air, water and ice. They are not for sale yet.


Visit to download many of the classic games that have been included with Windows over the years for free. These include the original Solitaire, as well as Free Cell, Minesweeper, Mahjong, and others.

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